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We Buy Junk Cars

Push out that junk car and pull in a huge chunk of cash with USSalvageYards.

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We Buy Junk Cars

Never Settle for Less - We Pay Top Dollars for your Old Clunkers

Hey! Are you considering retiring that old junk car? Wait…… You were just going to abandon it at your mechanic’s? No way you didn’t know that tatty vehicle wasn't totally useless! Your catalytic converter alone is worth more than you might think. Come, let’s fetch you a good deal. USSalavgeYards can pay you handsomely for that eyesore or help you locate a reliable salvage yard near you. Know what they say about the proof being in the pudding? Try us out!

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USSalvageYards Pays Top Dollar For Your Junk Cars!

That car clunker isn’t just another big piece of trash on your lawn, yunno? It could well be an extra slice of income depending on who you ask. Sell it off to a junkyard and you should get some good cash to splash on your bucket list fantasies or attend to some emergencies. Even if your car has been stripped to mere scrap metals, there’s still a lot of value you can get from it. USSalvageYards will connect you to junk yards that’ll make a fair market offer for your junk car.

Where Can I Sell My Junk Car Near Me? – USSalvageYards!

  • Get a quote

    Tell us about your vehicle and its location. We will then distribute your request to our junk yards that can pay you handsomely. Upon inspecting your vehicle’s condition, they will make a mouth-watering offer within minutes.

  • Accept our offer

    Once an offer is made, you may then proceed to accept. You are not spell bound to accept what’s written in the quote. However, a comparative study on the market value of your junk car will tell you our offer is the best around.

  • We will pick it up for free

    Accepted the offer yet? If yes, just keep your fingers crossed. We’ll tow your vehicle. But do not bother about those towing fees. We’ll tow your vehicle for free. Simply let us know what time you’ll like us to pick it up and we’ll come around as agreed.

  • Get a huge cash reward

    Most often than not, we pay on the spot. Once you’ve accepted the offer, we pay as soon as we come for a pickup. Our offers are usually the best around, so you can be sure you’re getting top dollar for your junk car.

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Why Choose USSalvageYards?

  • Better offers

    Better offers

    USSalvageYards make comparatively better offers for your junk car. Our offers are usually higher than those of auto dealers and definitely better than offers you will get from individuals and private buyers. Tell us about your vehicle, ask for a quote and you will be surprised at what we’re offering for what you thought was a complete waste.

  • Free quotes

    Free quotes

    Our quotes are completely free and you are not obliged to sell to us when you get this quote. We present you with a form where you are to intimate us with every detail about the car we need. Then, we confirm what you say and produce a quote based on this. We can also do this over the phone rather than in person.

  • Fast, safe and easy

    Fast, safe and easy

    We make your transactions hassle-free. All you have to do is let us know what your car is like. We’ll take it from there and you don’t have to pay any extra fees. Easy-peasy!

  • Incredible customer support

    Incredible customer support

    We value our customers and so, treat them right. Our customer support are well trained and groomed to answer even the ‘silliest’ of questions in the simplest and most courteous way possible.

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Will We Pay Fair Prices?

It goes without saying that we make very competitive offers, and pay fair prices for your junk car. Typically, what you get depends on what you are turning in. For instance, you will get more for a car which still has most of its auto parts working than one whose parts and engine have been taken out. Eitherway, you can be sure you are getting premium value when selling to USSalvageYards.

What Junk Cars Does USSalvageYards Purchase?

  • Brand

    We aren’t picky with brands. Is your car a German, American, Japanese or Chinese make? Is it a BMW, Ford, Cadillac, Benz, Toyota or Honda product? That doesn’t matter. We’ll take it in and give you the best offer based on the current market value of its parts.

  • Condition

    We also aren’t too choosy when it comes to the vehicle working condition. Whether your car runs or not. Whether it still has its engines or it no longer has a functional part, feel free to call us for a quote. We love to do business with you and keep you happy afterward.

  • Types

    We aren’t limited to the sale and purchase of small, sedan cars either. We buy and sell all types of salvage vehicles including trucks, wagons, boats, and vans.

Steps to Take Prior to Junking Your Cars

  • Take out all personal belongings

    You’re selling off your car and will be paid only for that. Therefore, your personal belongings should not go with the car too. Sweep the car for personal belonging you may have left in the trunk glove, boot or any other compartments. Personal belongings you may have unknowingly left behind include towels, personal documents, glasses, jewellery, etc.

  • Call your insurance agent right away

    If your old ride is going out as junk, you no longer have to insure it, isn’t it? Once you have sealed the deal with the junkyard and arranged for a pickup, you should call your insurance company or agent and ask them to cancel your auto insurance. You’ll be refunded any coverage you may have paid for beyond the date it was picked up.

  • Gather Applicable Information About Your Car

    To be sure you are not being ripped, you may want to find out salvage information about your car. This includes how much it goes for in other salvage yards and how sought after its parts are. This will guide you in knowing if you are being made a good offer or a below par one.

  • Detach your licence plates

    Finally, remember to remove the car’s license plates which still link the car to you. In fact, in some states, you may not be able to cancel your auto insurance if you haven’t turned in your insurance plates. Leaving it there may spell trouble if the car is used to commit a crime or transferred to another car used for the same purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Defines a Junk Car?

    A junk car is best described as one that has been damaged beyond repair (body, mechanical or electrical damage), surpassed its usable life and is best sold for its parts or scrap metal. Junk cars are also not worth fixing because they do not have a resale value. They may also be referred to as out-of-service cars

  • How Much Money Do You Get If You Junk a Car?

    The answer to this is generally subjective. In other words, it depends on a number of factors including the vehicle’s working condition, make, brand, year manufactured, present value of its parts in the market, among other things. Regardless, you shouldn’t be offered anything less than a hundred dollars.

  • My Junk Car Isn't Running, Will You Still Buy It?

    The short answer, yes. The long answer, yes still. Junkyards like ours will still buy your car even if its engines are blown out and the car no longer runs. There’s still a lot of value to be gotten from your junk car and we will make you a fair offer for that.

  • Can I Junk Other's Car?

    Yes, you can. However, they need to sign over their car title to you first to make the car yours. You can junk another’s car without their consent or the car title.

  • What Will Happen With My Old Clunker After I Sell It To You?

    They will be milked for good value. Some of its car parts will be removed and sold at discounted prices compared to the new alternatives. Some cars, especially old models may be repaired and used as props in movies and music videos. Others may be kept as classics. In the case of complete clunkers, the scrap metals are sold to recycling companies.

  • How My Junk Car Prices Are Determined?

    If it’s complete junk, the price is determined by how much the car weighs. The junkyard weighs the car once it gets into their shop and makes an offer based on the market value of scrap metal of that tonnage. If it has a few functioning car parts, the value of these car parts are determined as well, and the car’s value calculated accordingly.

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Let’s Get You Some Cash for that Junk!

We’ll pay you cash for your vehicle; whether or not it runs. You don’t have to sweat over moving it to our yard either. We’ll tow it for free. Start by requesting a free quote from USSalvageYards today!

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