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Junk & Scrap Yards Near Me

Never Settle for Less - We Pay Top Dollars for your Old Clunkers

Hey! Are you considering retiring that old junk car? Wait…… You were just going to abandon it at your mechanic’s? No way you didn’t know that tatty vehicle wasn't totally useless! Your catalytic converter alone is worth more than you might think. Come, let’s fetch you a good deal. USSalavgeYards can pay you handsomely for that eyesore or help you locate a reliable salvage yard near you. Know what they say about the proof being in the pudding? Try us out!

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Find Your Nearest Junk & Scrap Yards with USSalvageYards

Ghost town, maybe…. But there are still car part salvage yards nearby if you know where to look. A GPS may not fetch you answers, but USSalvageYards guarantees you a lot of options to choose from. With USSalvageYards, you can locate the nearest junk and scrap yards to you.

Our partner salvage yards are reliable, will tow your car to the salvage yard for free, give you the best offer for your old ride, process your payment via your most convenient payment method, and sell your car in less than a week. The process is totally stress-free!

Benefits of Selling Your Car to a JunkYard

  • Upfront Payment

    Upfront Payment

    A junkyard will pay you for your clunkers even before they are sold to the eventual consumer - swift and easy. So next time you are looking for quick cash for an emergency, you know what option to explore.

  • No Bias for Any Vehicle Type

    No Bias for Any Vehicle Type

    Whether your car is a five-year old wagon with a missing engine or a sedan that has been abandoned for a score-years, chances are that they will be taken in by the closest junkyard to you.

  • Quick Transaction

    Quick Transaction

    Once the vehicle has been towed to the junkyard, inspected and everything is certified fine by the inspectors, you should get paid there and then as per what has been written in the quote.

Sell Your Junk Cars with USSalvageYards

USSalvageYards has made it easier for you to locate junk or salvage yards. We avail you the nearest junk yards for selling your cars or buying car parts from, and provide you with free nationwide vehicle pick-up.

  • Receive an Awesome Quote

    Receive an Awesome Quote

    We provide you with a risk-free and zero obligation quote in no time. To begin with, fill a form describing the vehicle and its working conditions. Our experts examine the car’s condition to confirm what you’ve submitted, make a proper valuation and make you an offer.

  • Accept Offer

    Accept Offer

    Considering that you’d be getting the very best offer for your junk car and no hidden charges, we’d expect you to accept the offer. Of course, you remain at liberty not to.

  • Free towing

    Free towing

    Towing fees; nil. We will schedule a pick up at your most convenient time and tow your car clunkers to a nearby junkyard for free. We know you love freebies and we don’t get tired of dishing them out.

  • Best Rates

    Best Rates

    Upon accepting our offer, expect to get credited in a few minutes and at the best price possible.

Why USSalvageYards Is The #1 Auto JunkYard Near You

  • We Buy and Sell All Junk Vehicle Types

    We buy and sell all types of junk vehicles regardless of their type (vans, trucks, boats, sedan cars), condition (wrecked, junk, fairly used), or brand (BMW, Mercedes, Toyota etc). We have no preference for a vehicle type or brand.

  • Full Payment guaranteed

    We are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to salvage car parts and junk cars and the reasons are not far-fetched. One such is that once you accept our offer, you are guaranteed payment in the most stress-free way possible.

  • Quick and stress-free transaction

    We make the process easy and fast. In fact, upon inspecting and valuing your car, you get an instant offer based on our live market data. Our customer support is also available round-the-clock to attend to your needs.

  • Ease of use

    If USSalvageYards were to be described by one word, it’d probably be ‘ease’. We make surfing for salvage yards and selling vehicles at best prices as easy as possible even for the least tech-savvy individual. The platform is easy to use and the UI easy on the eyes.

  • Best Offers

    We offer the best price for your car parts. If you did a comparative check, you’d be surprised at how much we’re offering. These offers are possible because some parts will be auctioned.

  • Free towing across the country

    Even if you live in the remotest and furthest part of the city, we’ll still come pick up your car. No, you don’t need to carve out a budget for that. We’ll tow it for free.

We Give The Maximum Value For Your Old Clunkers

How Much Does Our Car Scrap Yard Pay?

You could be getting anything from a hundred to several thousands of dollars. For instance, if you have a fairly used vehicle, your car parts will be worth more than the value of mere scrap metals. Otherwise, if it’s complete clunkers you still get good cash for trash that’s taking up space in your parking lot.

Where Do Our Junk Cars Come From?

  • The junk cars in our salvage yard may come from any of the following sources:
  • General public: Generally, we buy junk cars from people who want to trash their wrecked vehicles.
  • Insurance companies: Insurance companies that want to offset paying out an accident claim sometimes sell the accidented cars to salvage yards and get some cash from the sale.
  • Vehicle auctions: Big salvage yards brands participate in auction events to buy used or wrecked cars that suit their junk yard needs.
  • Vehicle impounded by the police: In some cases, the police may put up some impounded cars for sale. Junk yards often take advantage of this opportunity to buy cars whose parts are highly sought after.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do junkyards determine my car's value?

    The value of your junk car is subjective, that’s why the price offered for it differs from one junkyard to another. However, here’s what’s common to all junkyards. They’d consider the car model, brand, location, condition of the vehicle or its parts and age of the vehicle or how long it’s been in use.

  • What defines a junk car?

    A car is considered a junk car when its insurers deems the damages done to it to have exceeded 70% of its value. Consequently, the car is towed to a scrap yard where its parts and scrap metals are sold one after the other.

  • How to find a junkyard or scrap yard near you?

    Your first resolve is likely asking people around. But they can only introduce you to a few places, can't it? A sure alternative is using USSalvageYards. Simple search for Junkyards near me on the and we will show you those in close proximity with you.

  • Should I buy a junk car?

    Getting a junk car is just like shopping at a mall when it’s promo time. You can get your dream car from a salvage yard at a discounted price. But just like with anything, it has its own attendant risks such as buying a really faulty vehicle or one that’s been involved in a robbery incident in the past. That’s why you should patronize reliable brands like USSalvageYards.

  • What is a junkyard or scrap yard?

    A junkyard also known as a scrap yard or demolition car yard is a place where out of car services or those deemed to be salvage cars by insurers are taken.

  • Do I need a title to sell my car at a junkyard?

    No, you don’t. You should be able to sell your car to a junkyard as long as you can prove ownership of the vehicle either via driver’s licence or an old registration.

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Get rid of that old ride for huge cash!

We give you good cash for your car’s usable parts and recycle the remaining parts in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Do not give in to cheap offers. Get a free quote today!

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