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Junk Cars for Cash Today

Never Settle for Less - We Pay Top Dollars for your Old Clunkers

Hey! Are you considering retiring that old junk car? Wait…… You were just going to abandon it at your mechanic’s? No way you didn’t know that tatty vehicle wasn't totally useless! Your catalytic converter alone is worth more than you might think. Come, let’s fetch you a good deal. USSalavgeYards can pay you handsomely for that eyesore or help you locate a reliable salvage yard near you. Know what they say about the proof being in the pudding? Try us out!

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Sell Your Broken Vehicles & Get Paid Instantly!

Unless you’re bonding with your kids, or participating in a treasure hunt activity, scavenger hunts aren’t particularly fun; moreso, when you are searching for abandoned car parts you don’t know whether or not they exist.

But with USSalvageYards, you know just where you should be looking to snag that car part. Through USSalvageYards, you can locate a nearby salvage yard to sell your car clunkers. Our partners are reliable and should pay you in minutes and handsomely too for your cherished old ride.

Benefits of Selling Junk Cars

There are a myriad of benefits to gain from selling your jaded car. Let’s start with an obvious one; they save you parking space on your property. They may also be a good place to start saving cash for some exotic weekend vacation. Here are some of its other salient benefits:

  • Kiss heavy car maintenance goodbye

    A little hissing, ping or rattling sound are sounds you expect to hear once in a while and may attract only a few repairs. But after the 75,000 mile mark, you expect very extensive repairs to follow. Rather than spend a huge chunk of your cash on these big repairs, you can sell off the car and add a few thousand dollars to buy a new one.

  • Best for the environment

    Abandoned cars are a health and safety concern, as dangerous chemicals from them may sip into groundwater and eventually into the main water supply in the area. Disposing your car for cash reduces these pollution problems.

  • Free towing

    If you go by a big brand salvage yard, you’d expect your car clunker to be towed for free. Imagine taking off that bogus liability on your property at zero cost.

  • Easier than selling car parts to end-users on your own

    You have the option of dismantling your vehicle and selling each part to its end-users. But how easy is that really? In the end, you can’t sell everything and would make little profit compared to if you were to sell to a scrap yard. It’s therefore more profitable to sell off to a junkyard.

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How USSalvageYards Work?

Get Juicy Quote in an Instant

Provide us with key details about the junk car in question and we will make you an offer in a minute. This offer puts into consideration finer details like the car’s brand, condition and market value of the car’s parts and scrap metal in the auto market.

Close Deal

Accept our offer and we have a deal. Our offer is about the best you can get around because we are big dealers and not retailers who are only out for their pockets. We watch out for you as much as we watch out for ourselves.

We Tow your car

Towing your car is a part of the offer package. Accept our offer and you subscribe to free towing of your car clunkers. We’d speak with you to schedule a pick up at your most convenient time, and then tow it to a nearby salvage yard.

Get paid handsomely

You can be sure to get paid immediately and handsomely too, once the ball is set rolling. We will fetch you anything from a hundred dollars for your admired old ride. There are no hidden charges. What you see on the quote is what you get.

Why Choose USSalvageYards?

  • Easy access to fast cash

    Easy access to fast cash

    Are you selling junk vehicles for the best values? USSalvageYards can fetch you the most desirable scrap yards instantly. Simply enter the vehicle conditions in the search bar, and voila! Your desired junkyards will pop up.

  • Free, no-obligation quote

    Free, no-obligation quote

    Our car salvage experts will inspect the car to confirm its condition, and produce a quote afterward. This quote is free and the potential customer is under no obligation to use our services thereafter.

  • Free towing services

    Free towing services

    Every junk car sale begins with car inspection and towing. We’ll tow your car for free to our salvage yard and reward you adequately. Just pick a date and time you’re most comfortable with us picking it up and leave us with the rest.

  • Round-the-clock customer support

    Round-the-clock customer support

    Our customer support staff are very courteous, knowledgeable and available 24/7 to resolve all payment, junk car pickup schedule issues, as well as other issues that may spring up.

What Should You Look for When Selling a Junk Car?

  • Remove Your Personal Belongings

    According to a report, one-tenth of people never clean out their car? If this is so about cars that are still in use, how about cars that have been left to rot for years? If you’re selling off your car clunkers, you should take out some time to remove some of your personal belongings.

    You don’t want a new owner to know everything about you based on data they picked off documents from your car. Glasses, car papers, certificate photocopies, water bills; you want them out.

  • Cancel The Auto Insurance

    One of the first steps to take when you decide to cede ownership of your automobile is to call your insurance company and cancel the insurance on that vehicle. You don’t want to keep paying hefty insurance fees on a car you no longer own; or has been shredded into bits for its scrap metals.

    If you’ve already made an upfront payment for a set number of months on your current policy, you could ask for a refund.

  • Gather Applicable Information About Junkyards

    Before trashing your car at a junkyard, do enough research to find out what junkyard will give you the best deal. For instance, due research will let you know that you get the least offers when you try to sell your car clunker back to a brokerage firm or the dealership.

    Check around to know what your car is worth so you can distinguish between a lowball offer and a fair one.

  • Remove The License Plates From The Junk Car

    Once you’ve accepted an offer from a salvage yard and scheduled a pickup time, you should make arrangements to remove your license plates. In some states, you may in fact be required to turn in your license plates when you request for a title cancellation or perform an official transfer of car ownership at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).

What Types of Junk Cars We Buy

We buy all types of junk cars regardless of its brand, condition, and types.


It is true that certain car brands fetch more money than others. For instance, car parts of luxurious brands are more profitable than those of utility brands. Nevertheless, we have no bias for the brand of your vehicle.

You’ve got an old, wrecked beamer (BMW)? Or is it an Audi, Toyota, Honda, Ford or Cadillac? Or more luxurious brands like a Porsche or Benz? Bring them on. We’ll fetch you good cash for their clunkers.


The engine doesn’t start and drive? It has suffered several body, mechanical and electrical damages? It doesn’t matter. We buy anything from fairly used and functional to wrecked and vehicle scrap metals. We have a huge expertise in salvage cars, and therefore see value in any type of car regardless of its working condition.


Your vehicle type doesn’t matter either. We’re dealers in salvaged parts of sedans, SUVs, trucks, boats, trailers and vans. Can it be classified as a vehicle? If yes, call us in. We’ve got you covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Junk Cars?

    In simple terms, junk cars are out-of-service cars. A car may go out of service if several of its parts have been stolen, the vehicle has experienced flooding damage, fire damage or collision damage from an auto crash. It’s also junk if it has a salvage title, has been rebuilt or has its engines blown out.

  • How My Junk Car Prices Are Determined?

    Junk car prices are determined by the current market value of the car and its parts in that location, the car brand, make, its working condition, age, mileage, and the amount of repair work needed to be done to get it back on the road.

  • What Will Happen With My Old Clunker After I Sell It To You?

    They may be stripped for their End of Life (EOL) parts, repaired and auctioned as antique or classic, or used as props in movies and music videos. In the US, this old clunker will be crushed or shredded within 180 days whether or not its usable parts have been salvaged as per the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS). They may also be recycled for environment protection.

  • How Much Money Do You Get If You Junk a Car?

    You can get anything between a hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars depending on the car condition, brand, age and make. Either Way, you still get good cash for junking your car, compared to abandoning it at the mechanic or your garage.

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Cash-out On Your Car Clunkers Today!

Cash-strapped? It might interest you to know that you can cash out on your car clunkers by selling off to a junkyard. This will do you more good than leaving it at your mechanics. Get the best offers today by taking advantage of USSalvageYards services.

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