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Junk Car Removal

Don’t worry about junk car removal from your garage; we have got you covered.

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Junk Car Removal

Never Settle for Less - We Pay Top Dollars for your Old Clunkers

Hey! Are you considering retiring that old junk car? Wait…… You were just going to abandon it at your mechanic’s? No way you didn’t know that tatty vehicle wasn't totally useless! Your catalytic converter alone is worth more than you might think. Come, let’s fetch you a good deal. USSalavgeYards can pay you handsomely for that eyesore or help you locate a reliable salvage yard near you. Know what they say about the proof being in the pudding? Try us out!

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Get Free Removal & Cash Your Old Eyesore

If you’re looking to turn your old clunker in the garage into a quick bank balance, you are at the right place. USSalvageYards is one of the leading companies in offering cash for junk car and other value-added services, such as vehicle removal.

We offer the removal services at no charge. They alsos span over the entire nation, so it doesn’t matter if you are located in a far-flung area, we will come find you and pick up your junk car and keep it from gathering more dust in the garage.

Perks of Junk Car Pickup Services

Here’s why opting for junk car pickup services should be on your to-do list if you have an old clunker tucked inside an old cloth:

  • Saves you from hassle: Pickup services let you save your time and energy. All you have to do is order junk car pickup services.
  • Don’t discriminate: Junk car pickup services don’t discriminate and will come to pick up all types of junk cars.
  • Offer you a free service: Most junk car pickup services are completely free and don’t charge.
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Enjoy Free Towing When Selling Junk Cars With USSalvageYards

To help the cash for car process along, USSalvageYards offers completely free towing services to clients once the deal is closed. Here’s what our proven-for-results process looks like:

  • Receive an Awesome and Instant Quote

    Receive an Awesome and Instant Quote

    Let us know the year, make, model of your vehicle, and you will receive a free, zero-obligation and risk-free quote from our panels of seasoned auto-buyers, just minutes from your car details submission.

  • Accept Offer

    Accept Offer

    While there is no pressure to accept our offer, if the quote matches your expectations, go ahead and accept it.

  • We Tow Your Cars

    We Tow Your Cars

    We will then get your vehicle towed to the nearest salvage yard with little or no effort required on your part. What’s more - it’s completely free!

  • Get Paid Top Dollar

    Get Paid Top Dollar

    You will get paid the exact amount that was agreed, in your preferred mode of payment when the team picks up the junk car.

Why Should You Choose Our Junk
Removal Service?

Our junk car removal service is simple, effective and leaves customers completely satisfied. It would be a great idea to opt for our junk removal service and attain that level of satisfaction because:

  • We offer some of the best offers in the market:

    Once our team completes the inspection of your junk car, you will receive an instant, competitive and no-strings-attached offer. It all starts with the right quotation.

  • We are accepting of all types of junk cars:

    It’s okay if your car is completely wrecked and not even in one piece. All types of junk cars, irrespective of their condition, model, type or make, will receive an offer and if accepted, will be removed by us for free.

  • We provide 100% free, nationwide car removal services:

    Our customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we take the complete burden of removing your junk cars from your home at zero cost at the date and time stipulated by you.

  • We provide completely transparent and reliable services:

    Reliability is our middle name and we make sure your entire process is transparent. There are no hidden charges or fees in the process.

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USSalvageYards Removes ANY and ALL Junk Cars

At USSalvageYards, there is a place for ANY and ALL types of junk cars and we mean it. It really does not matter what model, make, brand, type of junk car you want to part ways with, all categories are welcome here and we’re not picky at all.

If you’re wondering if we even accept junk cars that are in position for road use, and are completely wrecked, yes we accept those too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Can Pick Up My Car For Free?

    USSalvageYards picks up your car for free, once an offer is made and accepted on your part.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Sell My Junk Car?

    It doesn’t cost you a dime to sell your junk car to us - we offer free quote, inspection, and pickup services.

  • Do You Provide Free Car Pick-Up Service in My State or City?

    We have a nationwide presence offering free pickup services in all services and cities.

  • What Happens to My Junker When It’s Sold?

    The final destination of your junker depends on its condition but some of the options include salvaging it, selling to a wholesale buyer, recycling it, or auctioning it in our wide buyer network.

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Sell Your Junk Cars And Enjoy Our Free Removal Service!

Getting a free junk car removal service was never this seamless and easy. Fill out your car details and get started today.

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