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We give junk vehicles the happy ending that they deserve.

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Car for Cash Near Me

Never Settle for Less - We Pay Top Dollars for your Old Clunkers

Hey! Are you considering retiring that old junk car? Wait…… You were just going to abandon it at your mechanic’s? No way you didn’t know that tatty vehicle wasn't totally useless! Your catalytic converter alone is worth more than you might think. Come, let’s fetch you a good deal. USSalavgeYards can pay you handsomely for that eyesore or help you locate a reliable salvage yard near you. Know what they say about the proof being in the pudding? Try us out!

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Sell Your Junk Cars With Trusted USSalvageYards

Not getting the right value for your vehicle even if it’s a junk car can ruin your day and possibly, your entire week.

That’s where we step in. USSalvageYards brings to you a powerful model for you to exchange your junk car with cash.

This is how we do it.

  • We buy damaged and junk vehicles for fast cash. It’s that simple - cash for cars.
  • With trusted USSalvageYards, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant haggling or not getting the right value for your car. We know exactly what damaged and scrap vehicles are worth and make selling your junk car a walk in the park.

Who Gives The Most Money For Your Salvage Cars? - WE DO!

Getting fair prices for junk cars is a lot harder than it sounds but we USSalvageYards has made this process an absolute cinch. Whether you have a junk, damaged or scrapped car, the experts at USSalvageYards have a keen eye that estimates the right value for each vehicle for the right price.

Here at USSalvageYards, we have a competitive offer for all types of junk cars irrespective of their model, make, type or condition. Is your car completely wrecked and in no position for use on the road? No problem. Chances are, we will have one of the best offers with the most money for your salvage car!

It will take just one deal with us to know that now we run the cash for car process like no other.

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4 Simple Steps to Get Cash for Your Junk Cars

You must be wondering how far you’d have to travel to get to us for the best price for your car. You don’t have to go far - the entire nation is sprawling with our salvage yards and we offer free towing services too.

Here’s what a fast, cash for car process looks like:

  • Receive an Awesome and Instant Quote

    Receive an Awesome and Instant Quote

    We offer what customers think of as an ideal quote - it’s completely free, risk-free, has zero obligation and is received within minutes upon your application!

  • Accept Offer

    Accept Offer

    While there is absolutely no pressure to accept our offers, the next logical step for pretty much all customers once they see our quotes is to accept the offer.

  • We Tow Your Cars

    We Tow Your Cars

    We will then get your vehicle towed to the nearest salvage yard with little or no effort required on your part. What’s more - it’s completely free!

  • Get Paid Top Dollar

    Get Paid Top Dollar

    Cold, hard cash in just the right amount is transferred to your pocket just when the car is picked up!

Why Choose USSalvageYards

Why Choose USSalvageYards

USSalvageYards prides itself on being one of the premier cash for car services in the country owing to our special mix of services which are difficult to come by in other places!

We heard your pain points and now we are here with the solutions:

1. Best value offer: We can’t stress this enough - we offer the BEST price for your junk, damaged or scrap cards without incessant haggling and changing unpleasantries. You complete the deal with a smile on your face and top dollar in your pocket.

2. Qualified and trained staff: Our qualified and well-trained staff is just one click away from helping you in the process. All you have to do is book our services online to receive an awesome quote and then our team stops by with their towing and pick-up services!

3. Value-added services: Efficiency is our middle name so we offer a nationwide pickup service and make sure you don’t have to waste any more energy while parting with your vehicles.

4. Everything sells: There are not many salvage or junk yards you can walk into and be able to sell everything on your menu but we are not like that. It doesn’t matter how wrecked your vehicle is, we have an offer for you.

What Types of Junk Cars Do We Purchase?

Don’t worry if your car is missing some important parts like…the engine or is completely totalled. Here at USSalvage Yards, we don’t discriminate and believe that everything has value.

From Ford Escorts to Chrysler cruisers, USSalvageYards has quite the versatile taste in buying junk and damaged vehicles. We pride ourselves on a strictly no-discrimination policy - this holds true for junk cars.

We accept vehicles of all brands, makes, types, whether they run or not. But if that’s too hard for you to believe, here is our buying blueprint:

  • Brand


    Some of the brands we accept include Ford, BMW, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Honda.

  • Brand


    Whether your vehicle is wrecked, destroyed, damaged, or missing engine, we accept them all.

  • Brand


    All types of vehicles are welcome - including boats, motorbikes, cars, name it.

We Give The Maximum Value For Your Old Clunkers

4 Things You Need To Do Before Junking Your Car

This brings us to the final step you need to take before you start your car to cash process. The junking process for your car can be sad, but it is necessary so you can translate the junk car into some much-needed value.

So, how do you go about it?

Remove Your Personal Belongings

The most obvious step is to make sure you leave nothing behind in the vehicle - apart from some bad memories. Remove all of your personal belongings and make sure to check the car at least thrice.

Cancel The Auto Insurance

In this day and age, we all have an automobile insurance policy that we hold dear to our hearts. But before you can junk your car, make sure you sit down with your agent and discuss your insurance policy with him/her.

You’ll need to cancel the policy going forward, but make sure you settle the score if there is any. If you have made some payments in advance, request a refund before you cancel the policy.

Be sure to have a meeting with your agent even if your policy is about to expire.

Gather Applicable Information About Your Car

It’s always a smart move to stay abreast of the title and paperwork for your car. Make sure that you have all applicable information and documents about your car like the ownership before you start the junking process.

The kind of paperwork you require also depends on the state that you reside in. For example, Vermont does not require you to title cars over 15 years old.

Remove The License Plates From The Junk Car

This brings us to the last and most important step of the process. Before you can dispose of your vehicle, make sure to remove the license plates.

With this, you’re all done to hand over the car and receive some good ol’ cash in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What defines a junk car?

    Any vehicle that can no longer be used for operations or repaired and is best sold for value, is a junk car.

  • How are my junk car prices determined?

    Our team of experts will analyze your junk car to determine its right price based on model, conditions, makes, and more.

  • What will happen with my old clunker after I sell it to you?

    Depending on the condition of the junk cars, they are either recycled, have their auto parts refurbished or the usable ones are sold.

  • My junk car isn't running, will you still buy it?

    Yes, USSalvageYards accepts all types of vehicles. This includes junk cars of all brands, makes, models, and conditions. Junk cars that are not running are also accepted.

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